2009 Ad Spending Expected To Be Down 5.1%

Yikes, that’s an ugly trough representing 2009 US ad spending by the top 100 spenders.

2008 v 2008 US ad spending

Two-thousand eight was no walk in the park — down 2.7% for the year, and down 3.8% if you just count measured media like TV and print advertising — but even in last year’s tough climate 50 of the top 100 brands increased their media spends. Some of the strongest brands, in fact, increased investment to gain share against competitors seeking to conserve cash. As every business person knows (but few have the stomach to actually do it), aggressive market leaders tend to become during bleak economic times.

“Among the big gainers was Walmart Stores, which boosted estimated total U.S. ad spending 15.9% to $1.66 billion. The giant discount retailer turned recession into opportunity; measured media spending on its flagship Walmart chain soared 66.4%, making Walmart the nation’s fifth-most-advertised brand.”

ZenithOptimedia forecasts an 8.7% decline in overall US media spending in 2009. Wow. Count on a banner year for dominant players beating up on the industry wimps!

Times are less bad for digital. Back in April eMarketer lowered its estimate for , to $24.5 billion, which would still be 4.5% better than 2008.

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