The Logic of Syndicating Your Brand Into Social Media vs. Driving to Your Destination URL

From Mashable:

“There was a time when having a dotcom was absolutely key to your brand, and once you had one, it was the URL you pointed everyone to in all of your marketing. But with the emergence of the social web, and opportunities to engage with fans elsewhere, is that really the right strategy — or even a requirement at all?”

It’s become more popular — and perhaps more important — to promote brands and branded content within social-media conversations such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious. One reason behind this trend is that it creates more frequent interactions between a brand and its fans. A Facebook fan page, for example,

“leverages some of Facebook’s strengths. When you vote in the poll for who is better — Kobe or LeBron — you get the option to publish that vote and an explanation back to your mini-feed, so your friends can see it. In turn, your friends might join in, become fans of Vitamin Water (which is also broadcast to the feed) and hence, the brand’s message and influence grows on Facebook. Vitamin Water has built some other actions into its Page that do similar, like interactive quizzes and videos of the superstars that can be shared with your friends….

“Although there are a few risks of building a campaign that directs users to a social media site versus your own property, the benefits are likely to far outweigh them if you can successfully get people engaged. Not to mention — what’s the last memorable corporate website you visited? Vitamin Water’s site — though impressive graphically and informative if you’re looking for details about their sports drinks — has absolutely no compelling reason to come back to it.

“On the other hand, users will keep logging into Facebook for the foreseeable future, and in turn, seeing updates from the brand on their homepage. Vitamin Water’s approach makes sense, and turns what would otherwise be a difficult-to-measure branded advertisement into an interactive one with tangible results.”

  1. # Gabe Brosbe said: May 28th, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Facebook Connect seems to be the most organic way for a brand to integrate into Facebook. I inadvertently advertised for Netflix for a few days b4 I remember it was linked to my newsfeed :)

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