Pringles: Fighting to Save Money By Denying Its Food Quality

Is it worth telling your customers that your potato chips don’t have much potato in them in order to save $31 million a year in UK taxes? Given the mostly-negative hoopla over the past few days, stirred up by P&G’s legal argument to a high court in the UK, I’d argue no.

Cat in Pringles Can

Another money-saving idea it could try, , is convincing US state judiciaries that Pringles are actually newspapers:

“Pringles faces few such taxing issues in its home country. In Ohio, for example, Pringles and other snacks are exempt from sales tax, just like all food. P&G has printed messages on Pringles at times, but that hasn’t subjected them to the sales tax on magazines and books. And even if the cash-strapped state were to make that case, P&G could always argue Pringles are more like newspapers, which are tax exempt.”

Hey, maybe printing the news on thin strips of potato-ish substance is that new business model the papers have been looking for!

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