Measuring the Value of ExecTweets (and Things Like It)

My colleague Lester Lee gave me a tour of TweetReach today, a service that answers the question “how far did your tweet travel?” We sought to answer that question for ExecTweets, the Microsoft-sponsored site that aggregates and curates tweets from C-level executive twitterers.

We looked at the most recent 18 days and found that 1,500 tweets mentioned ExecTweets, and those tweets reached 317,000 individuals with over 4,400,000 impressions. Call it a frequency of 13.88 against a reach of 317,000 (excepting the fact that some people on twitter are actually pets or robots, of course). Over the life of ExecTweets, which launched in March, the pass-along — or tweet-along — reach has been closer to 20,000,000 impressions, around 10,000,000 per month.

Next we need to estimate the value of each thousand impressions. Would they be less valuable than targeted ad banners, since tweets aren’t big and animated? Or would they be more valuable, since each tweet is delivered to a subscriber who chose to follow the Twitter posts of person who sent it? (I’d argue that tweets are ignored or overlooked at about the same rate as banner ads are ignored or overlooked; let’s call that a wash.) If you assigned a $10 CPM to each thousand tweet-along impressions, a campaign that sparks 10,000,000 impressions per month is adding $100,000 in media value. That’s not nothing.

Meanwhile…. The positive PR around ExecTweets continues. Today from iMedia:

“It’s a smart branding move, and it makes Microsoft look great. In a way, it shows how Twitter is just like any other new medium. Stand next to it, and you look good. That’s less of an experiment and more of an old chestnut.”

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    Really fun analysis Chas.

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