Meanwhile, Facebook 09 Revenues Will Be Up Significantly Over 08

In 2008 Facebook generated around $265 million

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in total revenues, according to The Business Insider, or closer to $280 million, according to TechCrunch. (Both figures are quite a bit below the $300 to $350 million

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it hoped it would do at the outset of the year; but, hey, it was an unexpectedly crappy second half of the year.) And the future looks bright:

“Facebook is also now pitching financial projections well above what we’ve previously heard. The highest 2009 revenue number that has leaked out of Facebook is $400 million. But investors are now being told the company expects $550 million in 2009 revenue.”

If you assume the low-end numbers for 2008, Facebook could be looking at 108% year-over-year growth; and if you start with the high-end numbers, it’s still looking to deliver 96% year-over-year growth. While MySpace revenues will be down 15% Transporter 3 the movie . Wow. The market has spoken — in bold-faced capital letters.

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    [...] continue to estimate that Facebook will generate around $550 million in 2009 revenues. Earlier this month [...]

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