BNET Calls ExecTweets One of the Best Business Uses of Twitter

ExecTweets Logo

From a review of Microsoft-sponsored :

“I gotta say: This is good stuff! I came away feeling like Bud Fox hanging around a hundred Gordon Gekkos, soaking up priceless pearls of business acumen. ExecTweets is a must-visit site for anyone in sales or management, or trying to climb the rungs of the business ladder.

“Twitter users can directly; the service will apply a ‘good stuff only’ filter so you don’t get slammed with dozens of tweets every day. Alternately, there’s a new ExecTweets app for the iPhone that lets you read, retweet, reply to, and share messages.

“I’m going to hop out on a limb and say that ExecTweets ranks as one of the best business uses of Twitter I’ve ever seen.”

Dang, I have nothing to add to that!

(Other than a disclosure: FM and its partner Universal McCann helped Microsoft and Twitter put this together.)

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