Media Companies' Fear of Innovation

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“Media organizations haven’t adapted. They’re structured in much the same way as they were before the Internet. They bought this fallacy that it would be an additional distribution channel. So instead of radically changing their businesses and cost structures, they fiddled….

“But focusing on Google is pointless. It’s time to reinvent media properties rather than look for government subsidies or trying to shake down Google. My bet is the innovation won’t happen within media companies. They’re too slow, too conservative and too culturally wedded to defunct processes to make the leap. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost. I’m encouraged by the strides made by publications like and all the independent technology publications (I won’t call them simply blogs) that have filled the void capably. The media model for the Internet will be nimbler, have a drastically lower cost base and figure out new ad models that actually excite marketers.”

As the Boingers like to say when they agree with something: +1, Mr Morrissey.

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