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Twitter's Audience Retention Rate

According to Nielsen

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, sixty percent of Twitter users don’t return the next month:

“in other words, Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent. For most of the past 12 months, pre-Oprah, Twitter has languished below 30 percent retention.”

Given Twitter’s enormous growth among new users each month, the retention rate isn’t yet a problem. But it will be soon enough, if they don’t get it fixed.

Twitter, Fbook, MySpace retention rates

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Huffington Post Lands CNET's Jai Singh

My old colleague Jai Singh has joined the Huffington Post as managing editori. More at All Things D

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Win a Free Pass to Internet Week Premier Event

From FM’s blog

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Internet Week

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New York is giving away free tickets to the premier conferences taking place during the festival. Sign up for the Internet Week email newsletter by May 1st to be eligible to win a free pass to one event. Winners will be chosen at random from the email list and contacted May 4th.

“In addition to FM’s own CM Summit, Internet Week also includes ContentNext’s EconAffinity, the Mediabistro Circus, Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2009, Creativity Magazine’s Creativity and Technology Conference and The Webby Awards.

“See here for the full schedule and go sign up for the newsletter. You might just win a free pass to the CM Summit!”

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Conde Nast Shuts Down Portfolio Magazine

The crack team at ChasNote had its doubts when Conde Nast launched its expensive, high-gloss business mag Portfolio two years ago. I’ve encouraged them not to gloat, though; they were not alone in expressing disbelief that a media company would launch a $100-million-plus investment in a monthly print magazine in the Internet-enabled year of 2007.

Alas, it’s now over for Portfolio. From TechCrunch


“Portfolio saw itself in the same vein as the Fortune magazine of the 1930s, filled with lush photographs and long narratives. But that formula doesn’t work in an age where business is about speed, not leisure or luxury. It also doesn’t work in an age where monthly magazines in general are increasingly challenged by the wealth of instantaneous business news available on the Web. (And you thought the daily newspapers had it tough). Portfolio’s insistence on favoring its print over its Website content also helped to hasten its demise. If you are going to start a magazine these days, the Website has to come first. The magazine companies still don’t realize this simple fact.”

Mid-Market Innovators: Tech Strategies to Grow and Innovate During a Recession

Sun Microsystems and Intel (with help from FM) have launched Mid-Market Innovators, a content site, webcast series and Twitter stream for mid-market IT professionals and their business-side colleagues. The site taps leading hardware, software and business authors from publications such as Hot Hardware, Read/Write Web and Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog to provide advice on IT strategies that foster innovation, drive growth and save money along the way.

Sun and Intel's Mid-Market Innovators

(The team that put this program together includes Josh Reynolds, Zeynep Koch, and Mac McConnell at Sun; Mark Vaiciulis and Greg O’Keefe at Intel; and Nicole Cook, Jason Ratner, Marcia Simmons and Jackie Mogol at FM.)

The 13th Annual Webby Awards Honor a Few of My Favorites

Xeni Jardin and her crew at Boing Boing Video got nods in 4 categories Rambo: First Blood Part II dvdrip


The Official Honorees list in the Best Business Blog category also includes some of my favorite sites: The Business Insider Back to the Future Part II move (which is affiliated with FM), All Things D (which is not), and — among all those big-time publishers — American Express’s OPEN Forum blog. (FM and several FM authors work with Digitas and American Express on OPEN Forum.)

Congrats, all around.

Bleak Times In Old Media Expected to Continue

PaidContent rounds up what a bad year 2008 was for the biggest media companies:

“Last year was one of the toughest ever for the 500 largest American companies — combined they lost over $500 billion — and media companies, unsurprisingly, are near the top of the list. Total U.S. advertising fell 4.1 percent last year, according to ZenithOptimedia, and since the majority of media companies make most of their revenue from advertising, it makes sense that three of the largest — Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), CBS (NYSE: CBS), and Gannett (NYSE: GCI) — made the top fifteen losers together, losing nearly $32 billion last year.”

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The NY Times didn’t qualify as “biggest loser,” but for its part managed to lose $74.4 million in Q1 on lower revenues, including lower online revenues.

Meanwhile media columnist Michael Wolff says 80% of newspapers will be gone in 18 months The Untouchables divx The Final Cut dvdrip

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and Seth Godin says there will be no significant newspapers printed on newsprint in the US by 2012.P2 trailer

GE Banners On Boing Boing Promote Boing Boing Stories

I love to see campaigns like this one General Electric is running on Boing Boing.

GE Banners on Boing Boing

GE is sponsoring all Boing Boing posts on green energy and tech (wherever they naturally occur) as well as pulling together those articles into a section of Boing Boing called High Energy. (It does not have any influence or approval rights to the editorial content itself.) GE’s logo and banners run in all the usual advertising spots on the High Energy section, as you’d expect. But in other sections of Boing Boing, GE’s banners promote Boing Boing editorial coverage from the site’s archive of green-tech coverage.

That’s smart, isn’t it? If readers are visiting Boing Boing to read stuff by Mark, Xeni, Cory, David and their friends, then ads featuring editorial content by Mark, Xeni, Cory, David and their friends are a whole lot more likely to capture the attention of those readers.

The campaign also runs in relevant areas of VentureBeat, Inhabitat, The Business Insider and Make.

(Disclosures and credits: FM manages advertising and sponsorships for Boing Boing, including the above campaign, which we worked on with Beeby Clark & Meyler, Goodby Silverstein, and the digital marketing crew at GE.)

Seth Godin: Fix Your Relationship to Customers First; Business Model Will Follow

Seth Godin’s predictions about printed newspapers and traditional advertising do an interesting thing. By declaring that these business models have lost their relevance (forget about whether or not the exact dates are right), he forces you to think past the distraction of collapsing quarterly revenues. We all know how it will end, eventually. So start thinking about _why_ these models have lost their ability to support businesses: They’re not working for consumers. Focus on them and the rest will work itself out.

From Seth’s post Sixty to Zero :

“Prediction: there will be no significant newspapers printed on newsprint in the US by 2012. So, you’ve got two and a half years before the newspaper industry is going to be doing something else with the news and the ads, or not be there at all. Does that change what you do today if you work in this business?”

“Prediction: 90% of your sales will come from word of mouth or digital promotion by 2011. How do you change what you’re doing today to be ready for that?”

Pioneer Woman Audience Can't Get Enough Snapfish Photo Books

HP’s Snapfish unit (and its agency, Goodby Silverstein) teamed up with The Pioneer Woman

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, an active, high-end photo enthusiast, to see if her audience would be interested in creating their own photobooks.

Snapfish Promo on Pioneer Woman

Snapfish offered 5 free photo books each to 50 PW readers selected from among those that submitted books. The creation of fifty original Snapfish photo books was the goal for a seven day campaign. By the end of day one, PW readers had created 502 books — ten times the goal in one-seventh the time. Not to mention 2200 new members signed up to the Pioneer Woman “Snapfish Community Group,” 400 comments posted to the Pioneer Woman’s site and another 100 to Snapfish’s site. Some readers reported that server delays at Snapfish’s site required them to come back later, when traffic wasn’t so intense. Boom!

Snapfish’s IT department probably loathes this campaign (as I write this, it’s still underway), but I’m guessing the marketing group feels quite the opposite.

(Disclosures and credits: FM manages advertising and sponsorships for the Pioneer Woman’s site, including the above program. My colleagues Jen Tamez, Mugs Buckley, Jay Schaeffer and Jared Katzman partnered with Sam Klein and Nicoletta de Denaro from Goodby and Deanna Dawson at Snapfish on this sponsorship.)A Perfect Murder the movie