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Stacy's Chips Gets the Pioneer Woman Cooking; Audience Eats It Up

Stacy’s Chips is sponsoring a special “Stacy’s Section” of recipes at the Pioneer Woman Cooks. In two days, 131 Pioneer Woman readers have commented (so far) on her Blueberry Baked French Toast Paths of Glory movie download

. Yum.

PW Blueberry Baked French Toast

(Disclosures: FM manages sponsorships and advertising for the Pioneer Woman, and we are heavily biased toward her blueberry baked french toast.)

Commentary on ExecTweets, the Microsoft-Twitter-FM Partnership

Biz on ExecTweets
From Twitter’s Biz Stone

All Things D: Looky Here! Actual Revenue for Twitter, Courtesy of Microsoft.

“But there is something to be said for branding campaigns launched with Twitter’s approval and participation. Figuring out exactly how much that will be worth, and what it will eventually look like, will likely take Twitter and its ad partners a while to figure out. But now they’re starting. Finally.”

Mashable: ExecTweets: The Twitter Business Model?

VentureBeat: The Business Model Begins: Twitter to Promote FM and Microsoft-backed ExecTweets.

The Business Insider: Twitter Sells an Ad.

Boing Boing: Federated Media Launches ExecTweets.

ZDNet: Microsoft + Federated Media + Twitter = ExecTweets.

Read/Write Web: Federated Media, Twitter and Microsoft Launch ExecTweets.

Telegraph UK: ExecTweets: Has Twitter Suddenly Got a Business Model?

TechMeme on ExecTweets
From TechMeme.

Twitter, FM Partner Around Sponsorships; Microsoft Is First

Full story at Twitter’s blog:

“our focused commitment to Twitter itself means we don’t have much time or resources to build these interesting topical experiences. It turns out the folks over at Federated Media have both the resources and the expertise. So if you’re a major brand and you want to sponsor a topic-focused social media experience with Twitter, we suggest Federated Media — they’ll fix you up right. Check out their first project in conjunction with Microsoft,”

More at FM’s blog.

Verizon Hits on a Viral Success with $99 Music Videos

Sure, anyone can make videos and put them up on YouTube. There’s a reason to partner with expert digital video programmers like Next New Networks (an FM partner), though: You significantly improve your odds of breaking through the clutter and riding the wave of a word-of-mouth phenomenon.

In February, Verizon teamed up with NNN to sponsor $99 Music Videos (more CJ7 release

Final Destination movie ), a project where indie bands get creative with $99 and a video camera to produce made-for-YouTube music videos. One of them, Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard’s To Be Objectified video, has attracted more than 100,000 viewers (and 200 comments) in its first week. Not a bad start.

Requiem for a Dream divx

(Credits: Verizon and the Verizon Wireline team at Moxie Interactive; the crew at Next New Networks; and John Schneider and Sarah Ruxin at FM. And that’s not counting Jeffrey Lewis and his posse.)

Greedy trailer

Daring Fireball Says Dooces Knows How to Drive Traffic

According to this tweet Mission: Impossible movie full

from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber:

Gruber thanks Dooce for traffic

Don’t mess with Dooce The Prince of Egypt download !

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Takes Top Prize at SXSW

Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman

From Wired Revolver film :

“The web’s best blogs are honored here every year at the Weblog Awards, aka “The Bloggies,” now in their ninth year. The top prize for 2009′s edition were handed out to blogger and photographer Ree Drummond for her site, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.”

Congrats, Ree!

Kohler's H2OVisions Campaign Invites Facebook Members to Draw Water

Kohler is sponsoring a water-themed Graffiti drawing contest to increase awareness of its H2OVisions site (more). Select Graffiti artists will have their creations showcased in the Graffiti Gallery section of the H2OVisions site. Like this one:

Water Graffiti

Frito-Lay Uses One Women's World to Promote Another


Frito-Lay taps Next New Networks’ TMI Weekly, a weekly video program starring Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin, to promote its branded entertainment site for women, Only in a Woman’s World.

(Disclosure: FM works with Next New Networks to sell sponsorships, like this one with Frito-Lay.)

IPG Emerging Media Labs Recommends Cause Marketing

From Mediapost:

“In an increasingly personalized media landscape, the surest way for brands to engage consumers is through cause marketing, according to new analysis from IPG Emerging Media Lab’s team of digital experts.”

THX 1138 film
Banana Joe download

The Chair movie download

The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens movie

P&G’s Digital Hack Night event last week seems to support that point of view: P&G staffers and 40 pals from the outside raised $100k for charity in 4 hours selling vintage Tide t-shirts


Also check out Deb Schultz’s post The Chair release on the Digital Hack Night. She thinks the evening’s key take-aways had less to do with cause marketing, and more to do with the emerging culture of conversational media. Importantly, the grammar of this new culture isn’t overproduced: “Many of the P&G folks thought the first task was to figure out the messaging of the campaign, where as the external folks just dived right in in plain English.”

Maybe we all already know more about conversational marketing than we thought.

Twitter's Internal Promo Units Spark Speculation about Ad-Supported Model

Battelle at Searchblog tells us to pay attention to what Twitter is promoting — its search engine:

Twitter's internal promo units

Arrington at TechCrunch says this an early test for the real ads that will follow:

“The advertisements currently only link internally to Twitter Search or the Twitter Widget. But it isn’t much of a stretch to assume they’re testing the units for possible third party advertisements in the future. Twitter Japan, which launched a year ago, has included display ads from the beginning.”