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The Purpose of Online Advertising


From Max Kalehoff’s latest column at Mediapost:

“So far, with the exception of search, online advertising has failed to find its core purpose. And to characterize the rest of online advertising as a single entity wrongly diminishes the challenge, because there are many online ad formats.

“The solution? Erwin [Erwin Ephron, the 'godfather of modern media planning'] underscored that we’re still lacking fundamental ethnographic research about how people interact with and use online advertising. The problem is that basic. We need to better understand it before we can even begin to think about measuring and connecting it to business performance goals.”

We need to figure out the “native” advertising formats for online media. Rolling cameras on the voice talent creating radio commercials, scripts in hand, wouldn’t make a compelling TV spot, right? We generally turn on the television to watch comedies or dramas starring beautiful people. Great TV commercials are also comedies or dramas starring beautiful people, only shorter. If we log on to the Internet for news, entertainment and information made better by the conversation around it, online advertisers needs to figure out how to do the same — tell their brand stories like the best online publishers do, with content made better by the conversation.

(More on the difference, as I see it, between display advertising and graphical ads.)Domino dvdrip

Top 10 Most Influential Twitterers

Forbes compiles the list

, including Guy Kawasaki, Mike Arrington, Pete Cashmore, Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte and Robert Scoble.

Mashable's Pete Cashmore

Mashable's Pete Cashmore

Chris Brogan: If We Agree Advertising Is Broken

Then what’s next? Chris asks. One approach that he likes is “content advertising”:

“For instance, there’s not a slide deck in my stack that doesn’t have a mention of Dell’s Digital Nomads. Turns out it was built by Federated Media, the same folks who did OPEN for American Express, which I’ve raved about before.

“I believe that content marketing is what’s going to save online versions of magazines, and what will bring interesting content out to where people are interacting. I think it’s where the creatives are going, and I think that journalists who’ve been cast off by their companies will find work here, too.”

Here, here, Chris! Thanks for kind words.

TV Advertising Will Be Down $3 Billion in 2009

From Ad Age

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“Research firm eMarketer has some sobering news Jacknife release for the TV networks: You’re not booking $70 billion in ad revenue in 2009. Try about $66.9 billion, or about 4.2% less than the $69.8 billion of advertising sold on network and cable TV in the U.S. in 2008.”

Dark Reel release

This isn’t terribly surprising, given the state of the economy. What will be more interesting to watch is what happens after the economy emerges from the recession. Will the old media-buying habits pick up where they left off, and those dollars will flow back to TV, bigger than before? Or did we just witness the high-water mark for TV ad spending?

NY Times Going After Google?

From Marketwatch

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“Speaking to analysts during a conference call, Martin Nisenholtz, senior vice president of digital operations, said it was more difficult for to command premium ad rates for display ads during the quarter. As a result, the site will be increasingly designed for cost-per-click ads during 2009, Nisenholtz said.”

The NY Times moving into CPC? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. NY Times has a quality-content formula and deep experience in selling premium display advertising to major brands; that’s a segment of the media and marketing sector in which it could and should be a leader. The direct response CPC business requires a different set of muscles (and technologies) that I don’t think NY Times has.

When you’re losing in game you ought to win, I’m not sure the best move is to take up a new sport that’s heavily dominated by Google.

(Disclosure: The NY Times is an investor in Federated Media.)

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UPDATE 1/29/09: Clarification from PaidContent

Dark Reel move

, it’s rather than NYT proper that is moving toward CPC:

“Martin Nisenholtz, NYTCo’s SVP for digital operations, said that with display looking particularly weak at, the company would begin a site redesign that’s intended to reduce its exposure to display. Instead, cost-per-click is a growing category for About, and the redesign would try to exploit that more.”

Forrester: 85% of Online Consumers Will Be Social Media Consumers

By the end of 2009, “more than 85% of US online consumers will be reading or interacting with social content,” according to the latest Forrester predictions.

The distinction between “digital media” and “social media” is about to be erased.

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Dooce's Heather Armstrong: The Roadshow

Dooce, It Sucked, I Cried

To promote her upcoming book, It Sucked and Then I Cried, Heather’s hitting the road for a book tour. Dates and cities here

A Home at the End of the World move

The World According to Garp rip

I Hope Nabisco Didn't Pay for This Ad

Unless this YouTube clip has been doctored, commercials for Kraft’s Nabisco Premium Plus crackers ran in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, an episode in which one of characters commits suicide with a pistol to her head. (Skip the below clip if you want to avoid a gory scene.) In the Nabisco ads which immediately follow that image, Nabisco crackers thrown into soup bowls create fountains of splattering tomato soup, choreographed to a song whose lyrics are “I just want to celebrate another day of living.”

It just goes to show, those awkward adjacencies don’t just happen on the web!

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CMOs Aren't Adequately Tracking Social Media

From Ad Age:

“Despite all the hype about social media, only 16% of respondents said their companies have any routine system in place for monitoring what people are saying about them or their brands online…

“One problem for marketing executives is that they’re not clearly in charge now of managing the customer experience, customer loyalty or social media today, given that public-relations, sales, consumer-affairs and research-and-development departments all have a stake in those areas now.” The World According to Garp movie download

Kinda sounds like a cop out to me.

NBC Won Inauguration Ratings, Unless You Count

According to the ratings, NBC had the most TV viewers among those tuned into to Obama’s inauguration at 12.2 million. But CNN clobbered that number, if you count viewers of the live video stream on its website: Nearly 27 million.


From NY Times Super Capers release

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