Jack Myers Takes Ad Spending, Online Ad Spending 2009 Forecasts Down

Jack Myers lowers his forecast for 2009 online ad spending to up 2.7% from up 13.5%

. He estimates total advertising across all media to be down 14%, and marketing communications as a whole (which includes advertising) to be down 4.1%. If he’s right, we’re getting down to Great Depression era advertising trends.

2009 Online Ad Forecasts

The ChasNote graphics department put together a view of analysts’ forecasts for 2009 online ad spending (above), almost all of which revise down with each passing month. The blue bars are the latest, the red bars are earlier forecasts (if available). “AVC” represents a less-than-scientific Twitter survey conducted by AVC author Fred Wilson in early December. At the right is an equally less-than-scientific average across the other six forecasts: The consensus shows around 8% year-over-year growth, versus about 12% a few weeks ago.

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