Boing Boing Launches Gamer Site

Boing Boing’s Offworld

Today Boing Boing unveils a new site in the Boing Boing family, Offworld. Brandon and team promise to:

“focus on the overlooked, the underappreciated, the rise of the independents and, in general, the games that are bringing genuine excitement and innovation (in both gameplay and design) to the industry.”

Intel’s Core i7 Extreme Edition is the launch sponsor. Thanks, Intel!

Intel Core i7 Extreme

(Credits: Tim Takeuchi and Thom Campbell at Intel; Adam Fisk and Rod Rakic at OMD; Ori Zohar at McCann Erickson; Joel Johnson, David Pescovitz and Brandon Boyer at Boing Boing; and Matt Jessell, Mugs Buckley and Jason Ratner at FM.)

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