Intel Marketing: Fishing Where the Fish Are

Jeremiah Owyang applauds Intel for marketing strategies that bring value to customers without forcing those customers to, such as Intel’s sponsorship of Digg Images One Hell of a Christmas rip . Key driver of these initiatives at Intel is Dave Veneski.

“The moment of brilliance was when David said that one of the requirements of his marketing efforts was to not link to Rather than try to join a community then pull them away, the marketing efforts joined the community and stayed there –likely where the trust is highest (see data).

“As a result, David fished where the fish were, and avoided trying to suck the members off the community they were part of. Marketers are often measured on the amount of traffic they generate to their corporate website, but in this case, Intel will have to measure using different attributes such as interaction, viral spread, and maybe even a survey.

“Rather than coax users to your irrelevant corporate website, savvy brands will fish where the fish are.”

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