Digitas's Lee Baler: Agency Exec Who Leans Forward

Chris Brogan had an unusual exchange with Digitas media exec Lee Baler. Unusual in that Baler, one of the guys responsible for American Express’s OPEN Forum blog, went public with ideas to improve his own campaign — a public self-critique. Brogan calls out what other media and marketing folks should learn from Baler:

“First, points to Digitas and especially Lee Baler, for coming back and telling me what he thought. Super big points for asking for more. And third, excellent that he was listening in the first place so that he could engage a blogger in the midst of all the other traffic.

“Second, companies have to absorb negative and critical comments. No, you don’t have to accept vulgarity and trash talk (just talked about a corporate comment policy) , but when someone acknowledges you at all, step up and say, ‘Thanks for the comment.’ Now, the power move comes when you do something like Lee and say, give me even MORE to work with here.

“Finally, how easy have you made it for people to reach out and comment? Make it ridiculously easy. Make it as ubiquitous as leaves on the driveway in the fall. Allow your customers to slather you with thoughts, because guess what, kiddos? That’s the seed for opportunity. Every touch is the chance to have another interaction. Take them up on it.”

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