Boing Boing's Power to Amplify, Online and Offline

The latest example of the Boing Boing effect. Jess Hemerly’s 15 Minutes of Fame


“I sent the Sad Guys on Trading Floors link to my IFTF colleague, friend, and blogger extraordinaire David Pescovitz. David posted our blog to his, BoingBoing, which is one of the most widely read blogs on the web. From there, it took off like a highly contagious virus. Some of the blogs mentioned Chris and I by name, but once we started to get into the bigger publications’ blogs like New York Times: Economix and Wall Street Journal: The Wallet, the bloggers talked about the site and its content but never about us. But the blog was linked on social sites like MetaFilter (who railed on the lameness of our comments, sorry MeFi!); on magazine blogs like Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish on; Twittered by what seem to be a lot of people (and they’re still Twittering us); and mentioned on CNBC.”

On the Doll

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