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Conversational Marketing Summit 08 Videos

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If you missed any sessions at the Fall 2008 CM Summit, the videos are now online.

Press Coverage for Crowdsourced Laptop Site WePC

Man, this project — sponsored by ASUS and Intel, with participation from several FM authors — is striking a chord.




PC Magazine.



PC World India.



The Tech Herald.






The Guardian.


Marketing VOX.



The Inquirer.

(Disclosures: UberGizmo, Mashable, Core77 and Searchblog are affiliated with FM.)

Engadget on ASUS and Intel's Crowdsourced Laptop Project

From Engadget:

“True power is derived from the people, yes? Asus and Intel know this well, so they’ve launched a website called WePC, where users can draw up concepts and specs for new netbook and notebook models then argue about how fantastic or utterly impractical they are. In a sense cooperative laptop design is not new — we’ve seen groups of companies work together to develop products, and Best Buy’s Blue Label is somewhat similar to this — but Asus and Intel are going full-on populist (or at least the appearance of it) with WePC. The promise is that designers will lurk on the site and implement some ideas — probably (and thankfully) not including the ones that are completely whacked.”

My colleague Liam Boylan’s dream machine, the Waterproof Laptop:

UPDATE 11:55am: ClickZ coverage as well:

“Coming soon to a Best Buy near you: The world’s first crowdsourced computer, courtesy of Intel, IT company ASUS and Federated Media Publishing.

“The three partners yesterday launched a site called to solicit the public’s idea on what the ideal computer would look like. Visitors to the site can upload their own ideas or discuss and vote on what others say.

“Sometime next year, Intel will review the proposals and produce computers based on the most popular suggestions — limited, of course, by what is actually possible (don’t hold out hope for a laptop that predicts stock market fluctuations).”

Crowdsourced Notebooks: ASUS, Intel Launch WePC

WePC logo

Battelle, FM’s founder and CEO, announces the news at Searchblog:

“For the better part of a year, we at FM have been working on an innovative new project with Asus and Intel. Today it launched. is an experiment in crowdsourcing an entirely new piece of hardware, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together.”

According Intel’s release:

“Consumers become product designers at, a Web site launched today by Intel Corporation and ASUS. is where consumers can collaborate with each other and with Intel and ASUS to design innovative new products. The plan is for the two companies to deliver to market what could be the world’s first community-designed PCs.”

Early reviews are coming in, starting with Mashable and Wise Startup Blog.

Congratulations to Kevin Huang, Wanting Yang, Mike Hoefflinger, Deborah Conrad, Mona Mameesh, David Dechant, John Cooney, Ryan Baker, Jeff Hsueh, Jonathan Schreiber, Jason Ratner, Josh Mattison, Sacha Lien, Liam Boylan and Josh Stivers. Who can identify, at this point, which of them work for ASUS, for Intel or for FM!

And keep your eyes peeled for the ChasNote Deluxe.

Digitas's Lee Baler: Agency Exec Who Leans Forward

Chris Brogan had an unusual exchange with Digitas media exec Lee Baler. Unusual in that Baler, one of the guys responsible for American Express’s OPEN Forum blog, went public with ideas to improve his own campaign — a public self-critique. Brogan calls out what other media and marketing folks should learn from Baler:

“First, points to Digitas and especially Lee Baler, for coming back and telling me what he thought. Super big points for asking for more. And third, excellent that he was listening in the first place so that he could engage a blogger in the midst of all the other traffic.

“Second, companies have to absorb negative and critical comments. No, you don’t have to accept vulgarity and trash talk (just talked about a corporate comment policy) , but when someone acknowledges you at all, step up and say, ‘Thanks for the comment.’ Now, the power move comes when you do something like Lee and say, give me even MORE to work with here.

“Finally, how easy have you made it for people to reach out and comment? Make it ridiculously easy. Make it as ubiquitous as leaves on the driveway in the fall. Allow your customers to slather you with thoughts, because guess what, kiddos? That’s the seed for opportunity. Every touch is the chance to have another interaction. Take them up on it.”

One Hell of a Christmas dvdrip

Intel Marketing: Fishing Where the Fish Are

Jeremiah Owyang applauds Intel for marketing strategies that bring value to customers without forcing those customers to, such as Intel’s sponsorship of Digg Images One Hell of a Christmas rip . Key driver of these initiatives at Intel is Dave Veneski.

“The moment of brilliance was when David said that one of the requirements of his marketing efforts was to not link to Rather than try to join a community then pull them away, the marketing efforts joined the community and stayed there –likely where the trust is highest (see data).

“As a result, David fished where the fish were, and avoided trying to suck the members off the community they were part of. Marketers are often measured on the amount of traffic they generate to their corporate website, but in this case, Intel will have to measure using different attributes such as interaction, viral spread, and maybe even a survey.

“Rather than coax users to your irrelevant corporate website, savvy brands will fish where the fish are.”

FM's Marketing Idea Exchange for SMBs

FM is practicing the conversational marketing techniques it preaches, most recently with the Online Marketing: Idea Exchange site for small business marketers. Anita Campbell at Small Biz Trends writes “A goal of the Exchange is to help small businesses and mid-sized businesses learn the ropes about banner advertising online.” A goal of some business-owning content contributors is to win $500 in graphic design services, courtesy of the Core 77 design community.

Marketing Idea Exchange

(Disclosure: Small Business Trends and Core 77 are both federated with FM.)

Dell Named Brand of the Year by SNCR

Society for New Comms Research logo

The Society for New Communications Research named Dell brand of the year:

“The Brand of the Year is awarded to the organization that made the most significant advances in utilizing new communications and social media tools, technologies and practices.

“‘New media tools are quickly transforming the nature of business-customer relationships,’ commented Paul Gillin, SNCR Senior Fellow and host of the 2008 Excellence in New Communications Awards program. ‘This year’s special award winners have the vision and success to provide a valuable example for others.’”

Congrats, Dell!

UPDATE 10/28: Jeremiah Owyang on some of the creative units Dell used.

New Dell Customer Credits Digital Nomads Campaign

New Dell Customer Credits Dig Nomads Campaign

More Talk of Tough Times for 2009 Online Advertising

From Silicon Alley Insider.

And more from Ad Age.