PopURLs Helps Epson Connect with Key 'Epsonality' Types

In the latest extension of its Epsonality campaign, which recommends printer models based on personal traits and work habits, Epson has teamed up with PopURLs on an intelligent RSS feed for DIYers, crafters, photographers, entrepreneurs and life hackers: the Epsonality edition of PopURLs.

Epsonality PopURLs

The team at PopURLs points their technology at editorial content in those categories from across the web, and Epson sponsors a site and feed that caters to the informational needs of its core customer segments.

(Credits: Thomas Marban at PopURLs; Jordan Kretchmer, Ed Cotton, Shelly Hughes, Amy Rodier, Sankar Patel, Jordanna Howard, and Caroline Lewis at Butler Shine; and Leona Laurie, Bernie Albers, Josh Mattison and Mark Chu-Cheong at FM.)

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