Joe Marchese: Google Making Marketers Stupid

From Joe’s column in MediaPost:

“If I click on a paid link or banner for Nike shoes and make a purchase profiting Nike by $10, to say that the click on that link is worth up to $10 is stupid. Before I ever clicked on that link I have had so many brand interactions and product perceptions, from peer suggestions to celebrity endorsements, I couldn’t count them all even if I wanted to. It could even have been those interactions that caused the click.

“….it’s the product of a broken system and an addiction to Google’s amazingly efficient direct response model. But too many dollars fighting for clicks at the bottom of the funnel is causing artificially inflated pricing for those clicks. Thus, there is a real opportunity to move up the funnel online and achieve spectacular results for marketers (especially in social media).”

Right on, Joe.

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