P&G Invites Customer Feedback on Media Plan


Following the controversy over P&G Productions’ sponsored storyline featuring two men kissing, P&G has opened a toll-free feedback line. What a simple and great idea: I bet the mere act of listening will dilute the critics’ venom, like Dell’s Direct2Dell site did following the Dell Hell blogstorm.

This forum — albeit an old-school telephone forum — does something else, too. It creates a platform for discussion (in a sense) among opposing points of view. The conservative group American Family Association started the fight with P&G. By opening the toll-free number campaign, P&G has let other customer constituency fight back on their behalf:

“Celebrity gossip site PerezHilton.com this morning posted a reference to the ‘Nuke’ controversy, urging readers to call P&G’s hotline in support of the couple. By this afternoon, Kip Williams, a blogger on the HuffingtonPost.com, also had weighed in, also asking readers to call P&G’s hotline in support.

“Perez Hilton, with an Alexa traffic rank of 430 indicating daily visits by 2.6 million people worldwide, and the Huffington Post, with an Alexa rank of 687 and around 2 million daily visitors, would appear to carry more weight in popular culture than Donald Wildmon, whose AFA.net site has an Alexa rank of 59,596, indicating daily visits from around 30,000.”

Let the big boys and girls wage battle while you sit safely on the sidelines. Man, I wish I has used that technique on the school yards of my youth. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that P&G choreographed this ingenious act of self-defense, given it makes the #1 antibacterial soap worldwide, Safeguard.

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