Dell’s The Future of Storage, Assisted by Techdirt, Ars Technica

Dell taps Techdirt’s Insight Community on a project that’s somewhere between a virtual focus group and a sponsored forum. As Techdirt’s Mike Masnick puts it:

“we’ve put together a site, sponsored by Dell, on The Future of Storage, which is powered by the Techdirt Insight Community. We’re building an ongoing conversation around the future direction of the storage market. You can join in the conversation itself just by heading straight to the site and commenting on the posts, but if you have experience with storage area network technology, you should join the community itself and submit your insight on where you think the market is heading. The best insights not only get published to the site, but can earn you quite a bit of money. Basically, you can be smart, earn a bunch of money and get recognition for being smart all in one shot. Tough to beat that. “

At the same time, Dell has partnered with Ars Technica to sponsor the roll out of Ars Technica’s first-ever enterprise IT forum, The Server Room — “a dedicated place where discussion could take place around IT matters of interest to business and enterprise gurus”. The full transparency provided by Ars’s Ken Fisher:

“Effective immediately, we are opening The Server Room to the public (registration is required for posting access). We are proud to announce that Dell is sponsoring the launch of this new resource, and I encourage you to visit our sponsor, Dell’s The Future of Storage: ‘Insights into the rapidly evolving storage area network market.’”

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