BMW Graffiti Contest Gives Bloggers, Twitterers Something to Talk About

BMW’s Graffiti contest that invites Facebook users to color in outlines of 1-Series cars has done a few things very well.

One, ad units on Graffiti app pages within Facebook as well as websites outside of Facebook (eg, Boing Boing) are performing better because the campaign invites participation.

Two, it enlists a core group of active social-network participants (more than 9000 submissions in the first 7 days) into a fun, transparent evangelism effort: Participants spend, in many cases, hours personalizing images of BMWs that they then share with friends.

Three, it takes advantage of the friend-to-friend newsfeed mechanism at Facebook to spread word of the campaign beyond the paid media program.

Four, the concept and the images themselves are capturing the attention of bloggers, columnists and Twitterers, such as Facebook’s Dave Morin. Ben Barren’s headline captures it best: “i found a blog post about a twitter about bmw’s facebook campaign.” UPDATE 4/7: Stuart Elliott at NT Times dedicates a column to the campaign. Others pick-ups below.

BMW Ben Barren

I also love that BMW’s advertising in other areas of Facebook (through Facebook, not FM) integrates a single message across multiple media plans. With the Graffiti contest BMW built a killer idea that resonates especially with existing Facebook members, so why not show the Facebook audience that you’re hip to the applications they all enjoy? Here are some banners BMW ran elsewhere on Facebook:

BMW Facebook banners

Credits: The team that made this happen includes Brendan Starr at GSD&M; Jon Lor at DotGlu; Mark Kantor, Tim Suzman and Ted Suzman at Graffiti Wall; Jean Aw at NOTCOT; and FM’s Jen Tamez, Marcia Simmons, Liam Boylan, Matt Jessell and Lester Lee.

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