Domino’s Pizza Does Conversational Marketing

As reported by Springwise, Domino’s now:

“lets consumers create the pizza of their dreams—specifying the type of crust, the amount of sauce and cheese, and unlimited toppings—for a flat rate of USD 10.99. A 10-day contest last month even promised USD 500 in gift certificates for the most creative design. What’s really interesting, though, is that consumers can name and register the pizzas they design in Domino’s BFD [Big Fantastic Deal] database, where they can be viewed and ordered by other consumers. Nearly 12,000 pizzas have been registered so far, including the ‘Happy Birthday Aaron’ and ‘Rhonda Half Doug Half,’ for example. The site even tracks how many people have ordered each registered pizza so far, and consumers can view the database with the most popular pizzas first, as well as by newest, oldest or alphabetically. Top of the ‘most popular’ list, incidentally, is the ‘Ciao Bella!’ which has been ordered over 83,000 times.

“Customization is a distinctly gravanity-stroking process, and the public element makes it even more so. If pizza order can be made social, think how many other products and services can, too!“


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