Jeff Standen's Take On FM's Self-Service Media-Buying Tool

Jeff Standen of Thoughts for Biz-minded Techies reviews his experience buying ads via FM’s self-service media planning tool (and FeedBurner’s), after disappointing experiences with campaigns on ad networks and Google. Glad the FM experience was a good one, Jeff!

“In the past we’ve advertised with iNET Interactive (on and and used Google’s AdWords. Both of those options brought in fresh clicks, but both also delivered a majority of their traffic with an incredibly high bounce rate (people leaving after a single page) and a very short time spent looking through our site (usually mere seconds). With our natural search results doing so well on Google we eventually abandoned AdWords….

“Both Federated Media and FeedBurner offer self-serve, web-based advertising portals. You can log in, select your audience, upload your creatives, schedule the campaigns and pay through PayPal in a matter of minutes.

“On Federated Media’s network we selected an initial audience of: 43Folders, TechCruch, Mashable and VentureBeat readers. Mashable was a long-shot, since it’s practically an anti-productivity site, but we felt a kinship with the spirit of mashing web applications. We mixed textual and leaderboard (728×90) graphical banners…..”

“In the end, we decided to make TechCrunch, 43Folders and the Venture Capital network at FeedBurner the backbone of our new paid advertising campaigns. We’re anxious to continue exploring the various sites and channels provided by both networks.

“I don’t really have anything bad to say about our experience with either. I found myself wishing FeedBurner would summarize clicks by the individual sites in each channel (it’s pretty obvious why they don’t). You can still infer the sources through Google Analytics. My only trivial complaint with Federated Media was their ad inventory has sold out on popular sites between our campaigns. I doubt people want to see even more ads on blogs, so the real answer is for both networks to continue growing and encompassing more blogs with topics we feel an affinity with.”

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