Intel Sponsors New Digg Images Section

According to Kevin Rose at Digg’s blog, Digg Images will launch later today.

Digg Announces Images

The post, which includes a note of thanks to Intel — “The new images section has been sponsored by Intel, a longtime Digg partner — many thanks for their support” — has been Dugg 2242 times in the past two and half hours. Puts to shame the also-strong community enthusiasm for the Digg Arc, the previous site feature sponsored by Intel. In that case, it took nearly ten hours for the first 1000 Digg members to give it a thumbs-up.

The story has over 200 comments so far. Foenetik’s remark seems to capture a widespread eagerness for Images: “wow….bout fookin time.”

UPDATE 12/4: It’s about 30 hours since Kevin announced Images, and the story’s been Dugg almost 5600 times. Here it is:

Digg Images

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