SoCo Night Life Institute's New Curriculum

Brown-Forman’s Southern Comfort brand is getting into the education business. ;) From their press release:

“The SoCo Night Institute is igniting a conversation among peers by providing an avenue for self-expression to reach each night’s potential,” said Ken Rose, SoCo National Brand Director. “We want people to share their nightlife skills with the same fun they have within their group of friends. I’m hoping to showcase my legendary late-night snack recipe for fries with curry sauce, which I usually whip up for my friends while we recap the night’s adventures.”

Media announcing the new curriculum has rolled out on Maxim sites, Fark, Boing Boing, Drink of the Week and Diggnation, among others. In the case of Diggnation, hosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose start off Episode 111 with a thank-you toast to their sponsor, drinks in hand!

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