Lenovo's Churbuck: Banner Ads Improve Search Performance

From David Churbuck’s blog. Churbuck is VP Global Web Marketing for Lenovo.

“Ugh. Can you tell I don’t like banners?

“Okay, but my mind changed last summer when Milner came out of a metrics review with the weird correlation that when we ran banner ads our search campaigns performed better and when we didn’t run banners our search yields declined. Hmm. Then our agency told us the same thing — run banners with search and both get an uplift. Okay. Lesson learned — reserve some component of every campaign to run in parallel with search. Not exactly rocket science, nor cause to proclaim the renaissance of display ads. But …

“Search is pretty saturated. Get into a bid war over a non-brand term like ‘digital camera’ and the cost per click gets ugly fast. It’s also dangerous to get into a ‘search death spiral’ where you see search outperform other tactics so you starve them and allocate more to search but meanwhile that elusive thing called ‘Awareness’ declines and the pipeline dries up.”

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