As Voice Posts Add to Content Experience, Readers Demand Access

Over dinner last weekend with Boing Boing’s David Pescovitz, he told me some readers of the site have emailed the Boing Boing editors because they couldn’t view or access the voice post player (those who use Flash blockers), and given that the Boing Boing editors are using the technology to integrate complementary audio elements into stories, those readers were feeling short changed. So Boing Boing has begun to publish text-based instructions at the bottom of voice post stories:

[Browser-compatibility note: The audio link in this post appears as embedded Flash, and is brought to you by HP's iPaq 510 Voice Messenger. If your web reader doesn't allow you to access Flash, here's a direct MP3 Link. Enjoy!]

What a win for HP, the sponsor of the voice post series! I don’t think I’ve ever before seen editors publish a guide to help their readers turn off ad-blockers, let alone a guide that mentions the sponsor by name.

BB Audio from Guatemala

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