Marketing Getting More Interactive?

According to IAC CFO Tom McInerney during this week’s quarterly call (from PaidContent):

“As you know, the business is related to driving new users, obviously frequency and retention we have seen good improvements in frequency and retention, but it’s offset by not having the growth in new users on the business…we can very scientifically look at the marketing spend in the US and relate that to new user growth and so the way to measure it is by new users showing up at the site and we’re not seeing it with this marketing campaign, the way we have seen it with prior marketing campaigns. What we’re doing on that front is retooling the marketing campaign, making it a much stronger call to action and much more product demo spots for later in the year and we hope that will have some effect.

I hope he means fewer ads on billboards, and more stuff like Ask’s sponsorship Ask A Ninja. Can’t be a bad move to “retool” toward more tactics that deliver 8.3% trial rates!

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