Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire On Future Models for Video Advertising

Brightcove’s founder and CEO, speaking at MediaPost’s “Outfront” conference in New York last week, adds to the chorus of online video veterans forecasting the death of the :15 pre-stream ads. Instead he proposes a medley of models — shorter pre-stream units, mid-stream commericals, branded content and viral distribution strategies. My favorite part, of course, is when he gives props to the DuPont videos starring Amanda Congdon that were launched on FM sites!

Advertising must be bound to content in this world, Allaire said, and because consumers are more likely to be ‘snacking’ — or clicking around and sampling multiple videos to see which they want to sit through — the existing standard 15-second pre-roll with banner is a complete turnoff, as it forces repeated viewing with a resulting negative effect.…”

Branded marketing content can also be syndicated, Allaire noted. He pointed to DuPont’s program created with Denuo in which a blogger was hired to write science stories. Working with Federated Media, this high-quality content was embedded in IAB standard units and placed within science-related sites.

More on the DuPont videos.

  1. # LonelyBloggers said: May 3rd, 2007 at 5:54 pm

    I like the idea of having a mix of short ads, along with branded content. A healthy mix of the two can appeal to the largest audience possible. We did a bunch of 30 second shorts and then a 7 episode, 40 minute viral video series that have been watched around 400,000 times so far.

    It’s about experimenting with different creative and finding your niche – Tough to find a good balance.

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