Forget Long Tail, It's the “Long Torso” That Matters

David Eun, Google’s VP of content partnerships, at yesterday at PaidContent’s EconSM: “In talking about the polarization between those who focus on the hit-driven head and the user-generated long tail, Eun said YouTube wants to focus on the middle.”

Reading the rest of the quote (I wasn’t there), it appears Eun is talking about content producers. But I’ve been hearing this sentiment from advertisers, too. Marketers are covering segments of their audience that still visit the portals (the “head”), and they are reaching deep down the long tail with direct-response dollars spent with Google AdSense and the ad networks. It’s bringing their brand message to the middle — high quality niche sites that are taking greater and greater share of high quality audiences — and doing it with efficiency that’s still hard.

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