Firefox Users Younger, Richer, Web 2.0-ier

In Comscore-founder Gian Fulgoni’s first post at the Comscore Voices blog, he publishes findings that Firefox users are younger, richer and more likely to be male than IE users.

“Our study proves what many might have suspected: Firefox users are demographically different in several important ways…. Firefox users are younger than the average Internet user, are 26 percent more likely to have incomes above $75,000 [61% vs 49%], and also have a higher likelihood of being male. Interestingly, they are 13 percent more likely to have broadband connections. This leads us to the second part of this topic, which I will post soon, which will address how Firefox users are early-adopters of Web 2.0 technologies. I will also describe Firefox users based on their ‘cognographic’ profile, which is comScore’s proprietary measure of users’ interests, passions and lifestyles.”

If “early adopters of Web 2.0 technologies” means that social media sites like Digg, Boing Boing, YTMND and Wikia have audiences that skew toward Firefox users — younger and more upscale than the mainstream Internet population — it might explain why panel-based research firms like Comscore and Nielsen NetRatings underestimate the reach of those sites. Sounds like Comscore, at least, is moving towards a fix!

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