Dupont's “Video Blog Ads” With Amanda Congdon

Jeff Jarvis helped coordinate a creative online ad program for Dupont: Short videos profiling Dupont technologies like Kevlar, starring the original host of Rocketboom, Amanda Congdon (BuzzMachine). In an interview with Clickz, Dupont’s Gary Spangler is pleased with the results.

“‘We were looking for a hostess or host that would be interesting to the viewers,’ said Spangler. ‘I was familiar with Rocketboom and knew Amanda has … online viewership and is already skilled in video blogging. Her experience and acceptance by a large audience around her delivery and appeal led us to think she was a clear choice for delivering these messages.’”

Dupont is running the spots on several FM sites (thanks, Dupont and Starcom!): Digg, Boing Boing, the Athanasius Kircher Society, Left Lane News and Boompa.

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