Google Will Share More Info With Advertisers

From Mediapost: Starting in Q2, Google will begin to share with AdSense advertisers the list of sites on which a campaign ran. This is big news, given Google’s historical aversion to transparency on both sides of the AdSense program — it hasn’t before told advertisers where they will (or did) run, and it hasn’t told publishers their actual share of the ad revenue Google generated from the pages of their sites. Could it be that Google’s competitors are starting to apply pressure??

“A report in The New York Times suggested that the move came in response from growing market share gained by contextual advertising firm Quigo, but a spokesman for Google denied the connection.

Stylman said it’s unlikely that Google would change its strategy based on a smaller competitor’s system, but that Quigo’s approach was gaining significant share in the market.

“I don’t think that Quigo is a significant enough player for them to change their entire system based on them,” he said. “Having said that, Google’s intelligent enough to keep an eye on market trends, and Quigo is definitely gaining some market traction.”

Quigo last week announced a multi-year partnership with Forbes to serve contextually targeted ads on its sites including, and”

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