Wash Post Wants “Paid Blogroll” to Include 1500

From PaidContent: “For now [The Washington Post] has signed up 100 blogs (list here) in this program, but is considering increasing it up to 1500. Adify, the company managing this network, believes that it can get up to $8-10 CPM on these blogs, much above the general ad networks.”

Maybe the strength of the Washington Post’s brand and their relationships with advertisers will make it different this time. But every other time I’ve seen a publishing company or network go from a small portfolio that allows them to sell advertisers on the unique value and quality of individual properties (FM works with 110 sites) to a broad network that can only be sold by “channels,” ad pricing drops off precipitously. If rich-media expandable units and pop-ups can drive higher click-through rates across those 1500 sites, effective CPMs might be as high as that $8 they hope for, but outside of punch-the-monkey creative the Washington Post will lose its ability to charge a premium advertisers looking to build brand.

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