Clorox Pushes the Product-Placement Envelope

Clorox’s new telenovela, “Dame Chocolate,” produced in partnership with NBC’s Telemundo, “will launch in mid-March with Clorox so tightly integrated into the soap opera that plot twists and characters’ lives literally hinge on the effectiveness of the brand’s products” (AdAge). For example:

“In one Clorox moment, the heroine returns from Mexico carrying a Mayan flower crucial to the secret chocolate-making formula the bad guys are after. Only Glad plastic bags can preserve the flower’s freshness….In another Clorox cliffhanger, a character is about to be falsely imprisoned on a murder charge. The evidence is a blood-stained T-shirt. Clorox bleach removes the stain, and the police leave empty-handed after finding only a snowy-white shirt.”

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