Glam Raises Another $18,500,000

Taking the total money raised by the online advertising network to $30 million, according to VentureBeat. The young company’s valuation is set, by this round of investors, at $150 million. In the comments, Mike Rundle makes this insightful observation:

“Media networks are some of the easiest web-based companies to start because they generate revenues immediately. Great writers publishing great content attracts lots of readers, which generate traffic and instant advertising revenue.

“I think a media company that raises $30 million shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with what they are doing, since their popularity is not showing a rapid organic growth in revenues without the huge influx of VC cash.

“They’re not building factories, they’re not fabricating microchips, they’re not producing plastic widgets or dealing with overseas suppliers, they’re just writing content and writers don’t cost $30 million last time I checked.”

But maybe that’s just my own envy talking.  FM, a media network of sorts, has raised a mere fraction of that amount, and has no M&A department to speak of!

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