Comscore's Math on Influence by “Brand Advocates”

From AdAge:

“Research from Yahoo and ComScore underscores how valuable doing so can be. Brand advocates of auto marketers, for example, influence 52% more people than [non] advocates. The reason why they should is simple math, said James Lamberti, VP-search solutions at ComScore, which worked with Yahoo to reveal a piece of research on the subject. Of about 144 million internet adults, about 13.5 million purchased a vehicle in the last six months. About 5.1 million of those were advocates who, on average, talked to about 20 people each about the purchase, for a total of 105 million people. About 8.3 million of those car buyers were nonadvocates, who talked to eight people about the purchase, for a total of 69 million people who heard about it.”

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