Yahoo Study Finds “Brand Advocates”

Mediapost reports on a Yahoo study of “brand advocates.” The research suggests heavy users of blog sites, social networking site, search and video are much more likely to spread the news about your brand:

“Among other traits, so-called brand advocates were more likely to use social media than were the non-advocates, according to Yahoo. Eighty-seven percent reported using search engines several times a week, compared to 74% of the non-advocates. Likewise, 45% said they watched online video several times a week, compared to 19% of non-advocates, while 32% either wrote blog posts or message board entries, compared to just 8% of the non-advocates.

“Brand advocates who had just taken out home loans were especially likely to discuss the transaction online, with 59% of that group saying they had written about their purchase, compared to 30% of the non-advocates. Fifty-six percent of consumer electronics purchasers who were also brand advocates wrote about their purchase online, compared to 27% of the non-advocates; among automobile purchasers, 52% of the brand advocates wrote about their buy, compared to 20% of the non-advocates; and for hotel travelers, 44% of advocates wrote about the hotel, compared to 15% of the non-advocates.”

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