Elizabath Talerman on “Branded Utility” Advertising

In an interview with Piers Fawkes at PSFK, Elizabeth Talerman (now running Talerman + Partnerss) recalls her days at Ogilvy on the IBM business.  Around IBM’s Olympics sponsorship, she encouraged the client to experiment with ad creative that worked harder to engage viewers with the creative itself — what she calls “branded utility” — in hopes that customers engaged with the brand at a surface level will be more inclined to engage at deeper levels:

“We began to use the Web to create interactive games and trackers in banners and then in Java applications. We were convinced if we could create sticky experiences that kept audiences engaged with the brand for several minutes at a time, we’d not only engender good will, but we’d also get qualified tech savvy prospects to eventually move from the sport content into the case studies and business content. It worked.”

Reminds me of Modem’s work for Dice.com around the rant banner.

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