The Other Side of Corporate Blogging

Please read Jeff Jarvis’s latest post at BuzzMachine. Those of you who follow Jeff’s site (or Business Week…) know that Jeff parted ways with Dell over customer service issues a while back. Now he gets an aggressive email from an alleged intern at one of Dell’s marketing firms who’s been busy “researching trashy blogs that worms like you leave all over that frigen blogosphere.” Oh dear. Jeff’s final comments are essential reading:

“this is exactly the issue Dell — and any company — has in all its customer interactions in the age of customer control: The person who answers the phone — or now responds to a blog post — is acting on behalf of Dell and to the customer is

Dell, since that person is our connection to Dell. See the AOL cancellation video. Every one of your ‘customer service’ employees and every one of your ‘public relations’ employees in every encounter represents your company. That has always been the case. Only now, we can record their actions and report them to the world.”

A stark contrast to the recent PR homeruns at Symantec (ChasNote 7/14/06) and GM (CN 4/7/06 and CN 4/5/06).

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