GM's Corp Blog on Chevy Tahoe Epidode

From Chevy General Manager Ed Peper’s blog, a site hosted on GM’s corporate blog site:

“Early on we made the decision that if we were to hold this contest, in which we invite anyone to create an ad, in an open forum, that we would be summarily destroyed in the blogosphere if we censored the ads based on their viewpoint. So, we adopted a position of openness and transparency, and decided that we would welcome the debate.”

Forget Apple; GM is the darling brand among the bloggers this week!

  1. # The Other Side of Corporate Blogging at ChasNote said: July 15th, 2006 at 6:12 pm

    [...] A stark contrast to PR homeruns at Symantec (ChasNote 7/14/06) and GM (CN 4/7/06 and CN 4/5/06). [...]

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