Tom Foremski Pitches for IBM Ad Dollars

Tom Foremski argues in his SiliconValleyWatcher post that IBM should change their no-ads-on-blogs policy. Right on, Tom!

I’m not too worried about IBM’s decision not to advertise on blogs because I’m certain that it can be changed.

Especially since IBM will, sooner than later, realize there is something much bigger going on, and that it has an opportunity to play a large role–maybe even a historic one–in helping to birth the new media.

It would take but a fraction of its massive marketing budget to help the new media sector find business models that work. And those models might look very different from today’s models, based on advertising/marketing messages found in newspapers and magazines.

I would add that the new media sector is likely to find business models that work, whether or not IBM helps shape them. The question is, does IBM want HP, Dell and Microsoft alone to define those models?

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